What is Dirent?

Dirent is a powerful file management tool, designed to enhance your productivity. This documentation serves as your complete guide to the features and functionalities Dirent offers.


The Toolbar is a customizable space where you can place your favorite actions. You have the flexibility to add or remove actions and hide the toolbar if you prefer. All adjustments, including which actions are visible, can be made in the Settings.


Tabs in the app represent different locations on your system. You have the freedom to add as many tabs as you like, personalizing each with a specific name and tag for easy identification and navigation.

Location Inputs

For those times when you need to manually type in a path or paste it from another source, the Location Inputs field is your go-to. Just enter or paste the path, and the app will navigate directly to that location, making it a straightforward process.


The Viewers display files and folders at your current location. They offer a choice between List and Grid views, allowing you to select the viewing mode that best suits your needs and preferences for browsing through your files.

Status Bar

Located at the bottom, the Status Bar provides useful information about your current location. It also includes handy buttons for adjusting the file and folder viewer, giving you more control over how you view your files.

File Preview

This feature enables you to preview the file or folder that's currently highlighted. For supported files of a smaller size, the preview loads automatically. Preferences for this feature, including which files to auto-preview, can be adjusted in the app's settings.


For longer operations like Copying or Moving files, the app allows these to run in the background. You can monitor the progress of these operations through the Tasks popup, which shows the progress of all background tasks in one convenient location.

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