Search and Filters

Dirent offers several methods to efficiently find the file or folder you're looking for.

Quick Jump

Simply start typing the name of the file or folder you need. The Viewer will automatically attempt to select the item that matches your input. This quick method is ideal for swiftly locating items when you know their name.

Viewer Filter

Activate the filter by pressing CMD+F (default shortcut) or by clicking on the Filter icon in the Viewer. Once activated, type the name or extension of the item you're searching for, and the Viewer will display only the items that match your criteria. This filter is a great tool for narrowing down visible items to exactly what you need.

For a more comprehensive search, use CMD+Shift+F or click on the Search Icon on the Toolbar. This advanced feature conducts a deep search across all files and folders. You can specify detailed search criteria to refine your search. This option is perfect when you need to conduct a thorough search, especially in cases where you are unsure of the exact name or location of the file or folder.

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