There are several efficient methods to navigate between locations within Dirent.

Go To Location

This is likely your quickest option. Simply press the specified shortcut (CMD+P by default), or click on "Go To Location" in the toolbar. A palette with various options will appear. From there, you can select your desired location and press "Enter" to navigate.

The options include:

  • All: Navigate to any location within the app.

  • Tabs: Directly jump to any open tab.

  • Favorite: Access your favorite locations with ease. You can add or remove locations from your favorites by right-clicking on a tab.

  • Recent: Revisit locations you've previously opened. The number of remembered locations can be adjusted in the Settings.


The specific commands here are based on the "Keymap" you select in Settings. By default:

  • Enter: Press this to go inside a folder.

  • Backspace: Use this to return to the parent folder.

These intuitive shortcuts offer a quick and easy way to navigate through folders in Dirent, enhancing your experience with seamless navigation.

Location Input

For a more direct approach, you can manually type or paste the location into the Location Input field. This method is perfect for when you know the exact path you want to go to and prefer to enter it directly. It's a straightforward way to navigate to any location within Dirent without navigating through multiple folders.

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