File Management

In Dirent, managing your files and folders is a breeze thanks to the array of features we offer. Whether you need to move files, duplicate them, or retrieve their information, Dirent has you covered.



The "Copy Items" command clones selected files or folders from the active tab to another tab within Dirent. A progress dialog will appear to show how much has already been copied and whether the operation was successful. If any files encounter issues during the copy process, you'll be prompted to decide whether you want to continue or abort the operation.

Simple Copy

To perform a simple copy:

  1. Select the files you wish to copy.

  2. Invoke the "Copy Items" command.

Drag and Drop

You can also drag and drop files between tabs, directories, or even from Finder to Dirent. The process is straightforward:

  1. Select the files in one tab.

  2. Drag and drop them into another tab, directory, or the tab header.

  3. The files will be copied accordingly.

Copy/Paste from Clipboard


You can copy files to the clipboard and then paste them either in another Dirent tab or into a Finder directory. This is a convenient way to move files around your system.

  1. Select the files in one tab.

  2. Right-click and select "Copy" to move the files to the clipboard.

  3. Right-click in another tab or in a Finder directory and select "Paste."

Duplicate Files


Duplicating files is made easy in Dirent. A dialog will appear to preview the names of the files that will be duplicated.

  1. Select the files you wish to duplicate.

  2. Right-click and choose "Duplicate."

  3. Review the file names in the dialog that appears.

  4. Click "Duplicate" to confirm.

Delete Files


Dirent offers two kinds of deletion methods:

  1. Remove: This deletes the files from the file system permanently and is not recoverable.

  2. Move to Trash: This moves files to the trash, allowing for potential recovery later.

You can configure the default deletion method in the Settings menu. Each time you perform a delete operation, you'll have the option to switch methods in the Delete dialog.

Rename/Change Path

Simple Rename

Renaming files is straightforward:

  1. Right-click on the file.

  2. Select "Rename."

  3. A popup will appear, allowing you to change both the file name and its extension.

Change Path

This advanced feature allows you to modify a file's location, name, and extension all at once. If the destination folder doesn't exist, it will be created automatically.

Create File/Directory

Creating a New File

  1. Right-click in the directory where you wish to create a new file.

  2. Select "Create New File."

  3. Specify the name and, optionally, the content of the new file.

Create a Directory

  1. Right-click in the directory where you wish to create a new folder.

  2. Select "Create Directory."

  3. Enter the name for the new directory.

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